Music Academy

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The Allegro Academy is pleased to have the opportunity to help underprivileged students  with Tuition Scholarships and Instrument Donations.

For each of the fifteen (15) years that we have been in existence, we have donated violins, cellos and pianos to students whose families are unable to afford the cost.

We also provide a designated practice room for our students in the school so our students have a safe place to practice.

1) Free consultation which instrument to choose

2) Free tuning and restringing of string instruments

3) Free recitals and concerts of students, teachers, and guest musicians

  1. 4)Free music appreciation course for adults and seniors  (Music appreciation course is designed to introduce students to various genres, musical

    styles, best composures life and their music).

  1. 5)Free music instruments for talented and needy children. (In the past 20 years we have given away a dozen instruments including;

     violins, pianos, cellos, trumpets, etc.).

6) Scholarships for talented and underprivileged children and children from multi-families that are involved in the academy. (3 months evaluation)

7) We offer specialized help to students that suffer from ADD, ADHD, students with depression, loss of memory and concentration.  


Anna Garcia receiving  $2000 violin

Liza Verchenov receiving  $1000 violin

Nikolay Fedotov receiving  $3000 cello

During 2008 and 2012 two pianos were donated to multi children families.