Music Academy

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Concert with European composer Dubossarsky.

Valentine’s Concert

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10 Year anniversary Concerts and

2014 Christmas play celebration at Allegro Music Academy.

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Academy hours:                   Monday - Friday   12:00 PM - 8:00 PM                        Saturday: CLOSED                      Sunday by appointment



May 5th.                                                          12:00 pm                                       Piano Student Recital

May 5th.                                                           3:00 pm                                       Guitar Student Recital

May 19th.                                                         12:00 pm                                       Adult Student Recital

May 19th.                                                           3:00 pm                                       Violin Student Recital

May 20st.                                                           3:00 pm                                       OrKIDstra and Dance Recital


Aug 31st.                                                            4.30 pm                                        StringTechnique


Sept. 7th.                                                            4:30 pm                                       Piano Technique


October 7th.                                                  3:00 pm                                       Music around the World


Dec. 1st.                                                        12:00 pm                                            Piano Recital

Dec. 1st.                                                          3:00 pm                                         GuitarRecital 

Dec. 2nd.                                                          3:00 pm                                            Violin Recital

Dec. 8th.                                                             12:00 pm                                            Adult Student Recital

Dec. 8th.                                                               3:00 pm                                            OrKIDstra and Dance