Music Academy

Aza Torshkoeva - was born on April 12, 1989 in a far northeastern corner of Russia, Kamchatka. Her mother was a piano teacher and an on-home tutor, so since birth Aza was involved into the piano music. Throughout the school and college years Aza earned many scholarships and got to the highest possible “presidential scholarship” Each year there were two or three piano competition, many dance competitions, choir and theory competitions. In 2003, she entered Music College and on the second year competed on the International Piano Competition of Young Performers in Finland “Musical Performance and Pedagogies” and won the third prize and became an International Laureate. It was first time for Aza to go overseas for the competition.  In 2007, Aza graduated College of Music and chose to go to the United States, where she saw bigger opportunities in her career. In August 2007, she came to Tampa, FL and started to learn English in English Language Institute and music education at University of South Florida. During the second semester she competed in Florida Orchestra Competition, where she took a Grand Prize and an opportunity to perform with Florida Orchestra. Aza played with the Florida Orchestra in March 2009. In November 2009, the American composer, David Del Tredici, invited Aza and some other piano students with their professor, Svetozar Ivanov, to perform in the mid-town of Manhattan, NY

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